Thursday, 25 March 2010

You Can Run But You'll Just Die Tired

Another day another problem for NuLabour.

The Telegraph, using the Freedom Of Information Act, have forced Brown to explain his reasons for selling of our Gold reserves when they were worth the square root of fuck all.

Brown has wriggled and squirmed about this for years. The last few days of the NuLabour Reich are proving very entertaining indeed.

I suspect much like Hitler, Brown is divorced from reality inside Bunker number 10 and is ordering non existent armies onto the election battlefields.

I suggest you do the decent thing Gordon. Grab yourself a Mess Revolver and excuse yourself from the table...

C'mon Gordon. There's still time to get one thing right.


  1. I don't like to ask, but do you know where I can lay my hands on something like that, but a bit larger, fully automatic, and capable of delivering about 2000 rounds a minute?

    It's for an art project.

  2. Tragically I wasn't allowed to bring my AK47 back from the hot and sandy place. So I traded it with a shopkeep for a rather fetching camera.

  3. I've already got a camera, I'd be willing to swap it.