Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Labour Voter's Colours

I just had a read of Norman Tebbits blog over at the Telegraph.

Now I'm unsure if it is a ranting troll or some such other tedious creature, but I spotted this in the comments from a user called Labour_Future

New Labour is on course to win the election – either outright or with the help of the Lib Dems. And one of the best things about polling day will be rubbing the Labour victory in the faces of the Right.
The look on your ugly, hateful faces as you come to terms with the fact that britain has changed – that we live in a multicultural, diverse, cosmpolitan, caring, socialist society and it’s going to stay that way.
The look on your ugly, hateful faces as you come to terms with the fact that no Right-wing Party will ever hold power in britain again.
The look on your ugly, hateful faces as you watch Gordon Brown wave triumphantly from the Downing Street steps before getting on with the job of transforming britain, helping hard-working families, and ushering in a new decade of confident, consensual, scientific socialism that builds a future fair for all.
History is on our side. Each election victory brings closer our dream of a World without borders, without hunger, greed, inequality and oppression.

I was actually quite shocked. Not at the smugness or shameless bile and hatred with which this commentator views the right. But at their naievity in believing those who oppose NuLabour can be silenced so easily.

My face is perhaps ugly, but seldom hateful. But I must admit I struggle to contain my anger toward the loony-left and their marxist dreams.

Labour_Future claims rather bizarrely that 'History is on their side' a curious turn of phrase to be sure. For if history has taught us anything - it is that oppressed people will rise up. And it is plain to see from this rather unpleasant post the left wish to crush Democracy in their quest for a totallitarian state and oppression is part of the deal.

Britain has indeed changed. Cultural fault lines are spreading and religous intolerance is simmering close to boiling point. 

It is extremely dangerous to attempt to completely eradicate a political view - as Labour_Future seems to delight in attempting. The seeds of civil war are sown by such actions.


  1. There was a troll on the Mail and Telegraph a few weeks back using the "A Future Fair for All" moniker.

    Labour employ some 4,000 people as part of their Whitehall propaganda machine, so I'd suspect it's one of them. They need to stoke up that hatred amongst the people who will never vote for them anyway, as they'd just love an excuse to bring in further draconian controls.

    Mind you, if it's a world without hunger they're after, they could do a lot worse than letting CO2 levels rise up a bit (which they intend to do anyway).

    #labourfail. Again.

  2. I wouldn't take a deluded fool like that very seriously. The fact is most people revert to or evolve into conservatives, perhaps with a small "c" but conservative nonetheless. New Labour realised this early on and even with their social engineering and gerrymandering they are doomed to fail, especially in England.

    The concern right now is that the current Tory leadership don't seem to be trying terribly hard and appear to be operating on the assumption that "it'll be alright on the night." Having screwed up the last four elections you'd imagine the message might be seeping in to their brains but I'm increasingly of the mind that could hammer six inch nails into their foreheads and it wouldn't make any difference.

  3. There's another problem with the phrase 'History is on their side'.... and that is history tells us socialism has never been able to afford their ideal vision of the world.

    Look at Soviet Russia? Cuba? Parts of South America (which are Quasi-commie anyway). China, a country unable to feed themselves until they became capitalists.

    Socialism is a self-doomed flight of fancy. It corrupts those at the top and starves those at the bottom. Yeah, that history will get you every time.

  4. Dear God in heaven. If anything was guaranteed to make me vote Tory, that comment did the trick.

    The thought of The Mong striding around this country telling us what we can and can't do makes me puke.