Thursday, 4 March 2010

In Cod We Trust

Fish & Chips have played somewhat of a big part in my life. As a child holidaying on the South coast my Grandfather would stop off at the fish shop on his way home from a day ironically spent trying to catch fish and buy us giant portions. I would sit in awe as I listened to his tales of Shark wrestling and fighting the Germans in the War as I tucked into my Cod & Chips.

As a young Soldier in Germany my first port of call on coming home for leave would be to the chippy - I loved German food but missed my battered Cod.

Now on a Sunday Mrs CSR and I walk the dog and little CSR builds camps in the woods and climbs trees like the cheeky monkey he is and on the way home I always stop off and get us all a fish supper.

I enjoy them, they are quintessentially British and they've etched themselves into our Nations traditions.

Therefore they must be stopped by NuLabour in it's bid to erase all fun, enjoyment and traditions from the United Kingdom. The Government has them in their sights and as we all know (well the smokers among us anyways) they will be pursued without mercy and consigned to the bin of history.

1 comment:

  1. Consigned to the bin of history.

    New Labour.

    The chips are safe.