Thursday, 18 March 2010

Ging Ganged By The Goolies

There are many shocking items in todays news but this one caught my eye.

It seems that pillar of all things British 'Harrods' has banned a group of Scouts from entering their hallowed halls because (those of a nervous disposition look away now) they were wearing... neckers and woggles. I find this story upsetting on many levels. So allow me to break it down.

The 1st Bordon Scout Group, from Hampshire, were in the capital to take part in an annual event. But as the group of about 10 explorer scouts and their leader went to visit the store they were refused entry.

One would imagine a group of bob-a-jobbers in modern Britain would be accompanied by a grown up. So surely this could be resolved without further drama. It turns out they were indeed led by said Adult. A certain Mr Kosinski
Mr Kosinski said: "To my horror they said we were going to have to take off our neckers and woggles.

"I said, 'definitely not', I'm a scout and it's part of my identity.

This is where my fuckingidiotometer started to twitch. I myself have been a thing in command of younger, less experienced folk that is feared across all civilised parts of the Globe. I have been an NCO. The NCO is a beast born out of the necessity of discipline. Along with a bushy mustache an NCO must posess that rarest of gifts among men. Common sense.

Mr K was charged with looking after a group of eager young folk. They are bound together by a history of selfless help in the community, a desire to better themselves and common sense. They will look for these qualities in their leaders.

Like Mr K I too have worn a uniform - The Queens Uniform. It's very fetching actually, I know this to be true because I see chaps wear parts of it on building sites across the land. I have fought in this uniform and sadly I  have also seen some of Britains finest die in it. It is not however a part of my identity.

My identity lies deep within. It is borne of my actions and what I achieve in life. It lies within my desire to do right and to challenge that which is wrong.

I don't know Mr K but I am of the opinion he is a bit of a git. He would perhaps have been wiser to have shown his scouts how to defuse a situation forced upon their group by a cretin.

He could have instructed his group to remove their woggles and neckers. As they toured the shop he could have explained that being a scout, much like being a soldier is much deeper than the uniform they wear and that in this life they will meet fools who blindly follow rules - much to the annoyance of their fellow men and that fools like this must be overcome with common sense and wit. He chose not too. 

In my book that makes him a bit of a throbber.

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  1. Throbber or not, he saved them from a trip round Harrods. That's got to be a win.