Thursday, 25 March 2010

Good Drills Charlie

Prince Charles has just visited the troops on the front line in Afghanistan. Whilst there he managed to pose for an ally picture alongside a Tom and a Jimpy whilst wearing body-armour, dezzy combats and a battle-bowler.

Ally As Fuck

Compare this to Dear Leader. Gut hanging out - shiny cufflinks and looking every inch the complete fucking mong we all know him to be. What a tragedy someone didn't put a 7.62 into his good eye - the twat...

Useless As Fuck

Army Slang translated here :

Ally - Rather fetching old boy
Tom - British Soldier
Jimpy - General Purpose Machine Gun
Battle-Bowler - Helmet
7.62 - Big fucking bullet


  1. The next time GB goes to Afghanistan can I suggest we kit him out in a Hi-Vis jacket and cycling helmet? We could even paint a nice target over his heart if we knew where it was.

  2. CSR

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