Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Don't smoke em' if you've got em'

Ionel Rapisca, 33, has been found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm by shoving Linda Buchanan off a train platform at Farningham Road, Kent.

Jailing Rapisca, the judge told him:
"This was a very grave crime. You could easily have killed this victim.

As it is, her career is over and she has an enduring psychiatric illness."

So a woman gives a chap a hard time for smoking a ciggy even stating 'I don't like the smell of cancer' Having upset the smoker she gets shoved for being an annoying busybody health facist twat. He goes to prison.

What really boggles the mind however is the laughable 'enduring psychiatric illness' rubbish. Ms Buchanan has PTSD you see. That's right, her little tumble puts her (in her mind) in the same league as Troops watching their pals die in the Afghan. The judge even claims her 'career is over'

Well judge if she is a whinging, sponging, compo seeking Drama Queen you are probably right. Unlike the Toms in the Army who have a little bit more mettle about them and just simply want to crack on.

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