Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Monsters In Our Midst

Egads.. It seems we have savage beasts lurking in our land, awaiting their moment to pounce upon unsuspecting travellers before ripping them limb from limb and devouring their babies.

Council estates are said to be overrun with these creatures called 'Staffy's'

I myself live in a Council estate and managed (don't ask me how - it must be the military training) to corner one of Satans spawn.

Without a care for my own safety and thinking only about warning fellow bloggers of this hideous danger I was able to snap a picture of the beast they call 'The Staffy' Avert thine eyes if of a nervous disposition... For here she is.


  1. Thanks for posting an image of your dog. Love to see it.

    She looks like she is a lovely companion.

    They are priceless.

    Still miss our two dogs dreadfully.

    Glad you have your friend.

  2. She's thicker than a Whale omlette Marcellus, but we love her dearly!