Saturday, 27 March 2010

Why Cameron Is Losing

It's simple. Pop down to Dover Dave and stand on the cliffs. Grab yourself a good old set of Binos (I recommend 20 x 70's)

Aim them due South and the eyepiece will reveal part of the cause of your woes. There floating in front of you is Europe.

You lied to us about giving us a choice about the EU my Pedigree Chum. So you can fuck off if you think you're getting my vote (which you've had in every Election since 1989)

I don't like NuLabour and I don't like their Marxism. But I fucking hate you because your spineless. I just watched the news come in of yet another lad killed in the Afghan. On his last fucking patrol. It's men like him I respect. Not you troughing wankers at Westminster.

I'm not going vote for anyone. There I've said. You're all wankers.


  1. If my children were getting beaten up everyday on their way to school I'd certainly do something about it, well this country and its people have been beaten up daily for the past 13 years and Cameron and his gang have done precisely nothing to put a stop to it.

  2. Do think you should vote, even if they are all cunts just hold ones nose an vote for the least cunt in the pile of cunts.

  3. You are of course right Fido. And I will indeed Vote.

    I had to vent my spleen though!