Wednesday, 17 March 2010

NuLabour NuCrime

NuLabours controversial Digital Economy Bill was approved last night.

As always with NuLabour they wont be content with this NuLaw. In time it will grow. It will push it's tentacles across the web and in time no doubt infest the blogosphere.

The MSM have been left floundering in the 21st Century - Bloggers are taking the fight to whatever enemy is unleashed. NuLabours obsession with control cannot accept this.

The true enemy of NuLabour are the people and those that speak for them must and will be silenced.


  1. I think the court of human rights could interfere with this one, unless there is something really specific about file-sharing. Which there won't be.

    Perhaps Cammy will veto it. But probably not, he is going to leave all the bans in that are already in. He said so. Apart from the fox one.

  2. It would be a delicious irony if Human Rights protected us from this. But I fear this is the thin end of a very nasty wedge.