Saturday, 27 March 2010

My Part In Browns Downfall

I have been playing about with video editing software today. Thought I'd knock something up to support Old Holborn and take the piss out of Brown.

Enjoy... Changed it to a link as the embedding is all to cock

Click here


  1. a face like a smashed crab

    Worthy of Malcolm Tucker!

  2. Nice one CRS - I thought I'd seen enough Downfall spoofs but this is funny.

  3. A Health & Safety warning along the lines of "don't hold a full cup of drink over your keyboard when viewing for the first time" would have been welcome.

  4. Most excellent. My daughter's studying politics A-level, and you can be assured that - after she watched it, crying with laughter - that her classmates will be seeing it tomorrow.

  5. Watched it properly now, and agree with the hot drink/keyboard warning. Diversity lesbians ...

    This is not a Hitler spoof, this is a M&S Hitler spoof.

    Please, people, watch it all the way. Gems.