Monday, 22 March 2010

I Don't Like Mondays

I have to tip my backside out of bed at an ungodly hour and then spend my day earning more tax for the Government. Truth be told I'd rather be at home with my family. But what can you do? Have a read of the blogs that's what.

The Blogosphere is unsurprisingly awash with stories about 'Cash For Access' The latest sleazy story of corruption and greed to ooze out of the trough of Westminster, a place that once lit a beacon for Democracy across the world.

I found a better story. It's a love story actually - Now don't get me wrong. CSR is much happier watching Colonial Marines getting ripped to shreds in Space than some girly chick flick where posh muppet Hugh Grant is on screen bumbling his way into love.

However... This story really did make me smile. Rifleman Paul Jacobs was awarded the George Medal for his bravery after continuing to protect his colleagues when he was blinded by a Taliban bomb last year. He has fallen in love with and is marrying his Nurse, Louise Smith.

There are some snivelling, greedy disgusting pigs who right this very moment are lying and scheming in an attempt to save their skins, after they were caught in a sting exposing their filthy corruption and sleaze. Contrast their words and actions to those of Rifleman Jacobs.

Stephen Byers

Hoped standards watchdog John Lyon would find he had "complied with MPs' code of conduct" and "fully disclosed" his outside interests.

Mr Byers was secretly filmed saying he was a like a "cab for hire", but later said he had "exaggerated".

Rifleman Jacobs

"It's great, get blown up and pull your nurse. It's all good.

I truly hope Paul and Louise are blessed with a long and happy life together. I also truly hope Stephen Byers and his cohorts are put in front of a wall and shot.


  1. The big difference is that Rifleman Jacobs is clearly not a cunt. In fact, he is a top man and we need more like him.

    I like your taste in films, BTW :-)