Thursday, 18 March 2010

Economic Solutions - Kim Style

A serial fruitcake and deluded megalomaniac who's country is in a state of ruin because he's a complete tool (no not him!) has executed the director of his Planning and Finance Department for a disasterous currency reform.

Kim Jong-il has planted the blame squarely on the shoulders of a scape-goat Mr Pak Nam-gi and had him shot.

Just for one delicious minute think not of poor Mr Nam-gi's fate... Instead imagine putting Mr Brown up against the wall for the wrecking of our currency with his socialist reforms (this would also be an economic bonus, as we would only need to buy a pirates eye patch from ebay and not a complete blindfold when we shot him)


  1. One delicious minute?

    God, you have no idea how many of those minutes I enjoy every day.