Saturday, 20 March 2010

The SAS, Google and a Thick MP

Hereford MP Paul Keetch is a bit of a nob. It seems he's got himself into a fluster regarding Google Maps showing the home of the SAS in Hereford.

Mr Keetch said the following

"If you are a terrorist and you can get a detailed photo of a military installation for free online, that's bound to encourage you to think maybe I can break in there"
I don't know Paul Keetch MP but I do know this. If as Mr Keetch claims some 'terrorists' decide to 'break into' the home of the Special Air Service they would, quite simply, be the dimmest most stupid twats to have graced the face of the Planet Earth. Ever. Picture the scene if you can.

Tim the terrorist 'Hullo, I'm here to commit an act of terror upon you'

Soldier X - Click Bang - Click Bang 'Fuck off you dead idiot'

Yoo Hoo - Room Service


  1. He's an MP for gawd sake lol
    Mental Problems

  2. It's clever really.

    Google is allowed to take pictures of anywhere and everywhere because there's a law that says you can take photographs as long as you are in a public place.

    They've removed the views of this place because it's 'terrorist sensitive', or something, even though everybody in the area knows what, and where, the base is.

    How long before ... but that would be one of those silly theories, wouldn't it?

  3. Jings there's even a website devoted to 'secret' military bases. What an idiot. He'll be wanting to look as if he's doing something to impress the locals that's all.