Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Quote Of The Day

"We have maintained a second to none commitment to our Armed Forces"

Harriet Harman

Harmans claim in her opening response to William Hague at PMQ's is in stark contrast to that given by the Special Forces soldier giving evidence in the enquiry over the death of Corporal Sarah Bryant.

The sole survivor of a devastating explosion - which claimed the British Army's first female fatality in Afghanistan - told an inquest the vehicle he and his fallen comrades were travelling in was "not adequate for the job".

SAS Trooper giving evidence

Shame on you New Labour, your Party is quite frankly a disgrace.

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  1. Can we sue the witch for lying? If not what about sexism? She is definitely sexist against men. Can we please do something to eradicate her from public office and public life? Exile?