Thursday, 4 March 2010

Honour The Covenant

The way in which we care for our wounded Service men and women – who have sacrificed so much for us – is a measure of the honour of our government and of our nation.

Colonel Richard Kemp has written an excellent article in todays Telegraph.

Col Kemp questions the decision regarding the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme only being available to those wounded after April 2005. It comes as no surprise to learn it is bureaucracy that is denying those troops wounded prior to that date from receiving the same payouts.

The current governments addiction to war has put massive pressure upon the Forces. Yet despite appalling budgets, lack of equipment and dire incompetence from the MOD and the Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth, our fighting men and women have stepped up to the plate like the consumate professionals they are.

It is simply not enough for the government to read out the names of the dead in parliament with hollow promises that they will never be forgotten. It is time they gave those they demand so much from the respect they deserve.

The latest British casualty Corporal Richard Green spoke with his parents before his death. His words portray the courage and dedication of our troops.

'If anything happens to me know that I've lived life to the full, have no regrets, and love my job'

Honour The Covenant - and do it now.

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