Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Tory Political Adviser Quits Over Smear Campaign

André Walker has resigned from his position as a Political Advisor in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead after he was recorded on a train discussing plans to replace deputy council leader Cllr Alison Knight.

This story has been reported in The Bracknell News. You may recall the MP for Bracknell is one Andrew Mackay the former political advisor to David Cameron and the first scalp claimed in the Expenses Scandal.

The audio recording can be found here a full transcript of the conversation is posted below.

Shes dead mate shes f****g dead. I told you Id inject poison into her and I did didnt I?

(Sounds like Bellini) and I have had a very honest conversation I said to him look I wouldnt stand with Phil because hes my best mate on the council please dont go against that and Bellini been very decent

But we have a choice with Bellini we either look a gift horse in the mouth ie dont select him or we find him somewhere

The problem is you and I and David dont have the power to force him on somewhere thats the problem

The problem is with Barton that Tom wants that seat cos (Bathhurst?) wants that and I know I know

And (Dee?) wants Bathhurst and the thing is in the same way in the same way as I wouldnt like somebody for obvious reasons telling you who your fellow ward councillor is equally he wants inaudible Bathurst is it fair to intervene with that

Anyway the most important thing about this conversation is she is on the way out

Well what you need to know is and keep it under your hat is Liam wants to nail (sounds like Reiss Agabana) he wants to ruin her

Well what I said to Liam me and x discussed about going with Nectar which we had and I said what Id always said with Phil was that we aint gonna die the death on recycle bag because all were interested in is incentivised recycling were not bothered about which company provides it and I said to Liam youve got to talk to Phil about this

Because hes furious about, you know the planning thing that happened yeh did you know about that. Right what happened was Camerons office came down and said look can we create a system whereby each local community does their own planning for them and Liam said yeh well well trial it now I thought it was a good idea to be honest where you take control of your local district and you do the planning and the council just signs it off.

Alison went bananas about it, yeh yeh yeh so Liam was furious, well she kyboshed it and of course what Liam had to do was go back to camerons office and tell them he failed now peter and x trusted x which incidentally means that were growing stronger. Well of course we are

She was our problem but now weve removed her. What? Oh f**k off dont be ridiculous. ?I suggest you go on the cabinet seriously

What she tried to play on was that youre a rough and ready guy and she tried to make you out to be a moron well of course but it doesnt matter. Shes dead. No-one likes her any more not even her friends like her any more

Well I. Well now what we need to do is, in may theres going to be a one to one where all the councillors are going to talk to the leader we need to put the word round amongst our friends that she should be removed as deputy leader. No-one likes her, total liability. total liability should come up in all the discussions. We could put that out

For deputy leader who cares its only 900 quid who cares
Well alright alright listen dont move yourself because as it stands you will be solid for years right, just give it to someone like Dudley or someone

Alright so the word goes out that Phils brilliant in his job but I think people love you anyway youre very popular.

I think the word goes out that Alison needs to be replace by Dudley for deputy but I tell you why its slightly risky because Dudleys not 100% controllable by us. Hes not 100% controllable. Dudley.

But you put yourself up for deputy leader you set yourself up for a fall its not worth it. As it stands everyone respects you we dont want to f**k about with that

But what needs to happen if we put Dudley in for deputy leader is he needs to know it was us. So I think what we need to do in the next couple of weeks is have a word with him and say look. Let me do that. We need to tell Dudley that we want him for deputy leader and were sorting it for him. But he needs to thank us for it in the fullness of time

Alright mate.

Conversation ends.

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