Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Police Realise Horse Has Bolted

Police Officers in Rugby, Warwickshire have stepped up patrols at a sheltered housing complex after Kath and Albert Adams, both 77, died when a fire spread from a mobility scooter to their home after an arson attack.

A Police spokesman said 'We've decided to take a break from harrasing photographers, smokers and bloggers and are going to wander around the old folks place for a bit'

'We expect to tut-tut quite a lot and might even get to nick some people who will no doubt ask us where the fuck we hide during the day/night. Although it might seem like we're a little bit late on this one, we firmly believe lightning can in fact strike twice, as we saw it happen on an episode of Mythbusters once'

A Government spokeslesbiandiversityimmigrant was quoted as saying 'We are led to believe that this is the first time Mr and Mrs Adams have been killed. So to be fair it doesn't happen a lot'

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