Friday, 26 March 2010

Germans Are From Earth

I've just met a card carrying supporter of the Labour Party. It came as a bit of a shock actually as I expected him to be a dribbling window licker. But he isn't. He's astute, articulate and most suprising of all, he has a lot of common sense.

We had a bit of a ding-dong. I was venting my spleen regarding NuLabours war against smokers and well just about everything freedom should be really.

My Labour supporting chum guffawed his way through my rant. He then said something I found strange after I stated Brown and Co were not much different from the Nazi's.

'Don't be so ridiculous' he said 'Comparing Labour to the Nazi's is offensive and laughable, they are nothing of the sort'

It made me open my eyes to what is occuring. The German people in the 1930's were born on the same Planet as my Grandparents. The Earth. They weren't dragged in from the Planet Facist on the back of a Socialist Comet.

What I'm trying to say is this. Gordon Brown is a tyrant in the making. His party (many of them former members of the communist party) are every bit as evil as the Nazis who caused so much suffering in the last century.

They have a plan and it is being rolled out with a relentless onslaught against our freedoms. I don't need to posess a tin-foil hat to know Al-Qaeda is a convenient bogeyman who is used to empower the state. I grew up during the troubles in Ulster. Mainland bombing was a common occurence but we cracked on.

NuLabour have used the threat of Islamic extremism to crush any and all dissenting voices against their regime. Don't believe me? Try and protest in front of Parliament or simply attempt to read the names of the dead out at the Cenotaph.

They banned smoking to see if they could strip away a freedom many many people enjoyed without protest. Meekly the majority submitted. NuLabour wax lyrical about Democracy and how it is worth sending our boys off to die so that other nations might taste it. Yet upwards of 2 Million people marched against their proposed war in Iraq (I was one of them) We were treated with contempt and ignored.

I suspect NuLabour will be victorious in the coming election and we will march into a Police State that I believe will get so much worse than it is now. Thinking this is conspiracist babble and that I should get out more is perhaps what some folk will think.

But I know this. Brown lied to the inquiry about Iraq. A war which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives was used by one of its architects as an opportunity to lie and spin. If you think for one moment a man capable of using that much blood to wash his hands with isn't capable of the same as Hitler and Stalin.... We truly are doomed.


  1. Oh Fatherland, Fatherland, show us a sign,
    Your children have waited to see;
    The morning will come when the world is mine:
    Tomorrow belongs to me.

    I feel sick.

    Do you think your "mate" would like to have a go at my little quiz?

  2. "We truly are doomed." not unless we rise up.

  3. With steel, with utensils, with courage.