Thursday, 25 March 2010

It Aint Rocket Science

When Gordon Brown arrived at the Treasury he inherited a deficit of £6 billion; it is now £167 billion.

The UK was the seventh most competitive economy in the world; it is now 13th.

It was the fourth most competitively taxed; it is now the 84th.

It was the fourth most lightly regulated; it is now the 86th.

Nuff said methinks...

A Labour Voter Ponders His Existence


  1. Oddly, or not, those three features; tax, regulation and competitiveness will move together.

    Get rid of the regulation, the tax will dissolve and the competitiveness will return.

    Then there will be the wherewithal to pay back the deficit.

    Das Fuhrer has Deficit Attention Disorder.

    And, according to my latest blogette, delusion.

    Not good, is it? Or is it?

    Shall we grow some bollocks?

  2. I'm already resigned to another 5 years mate... Which in reality will mean 500 years...

    Which will mean doing something about it.