Friday, 30 April 2010

Tohseef Shah - Don't Make Me Laugh...

I've had the pleasure of meeting many men and women who saved this Nation from the tyranny of the Nazi's 3rd Reich in the Second World War. I can listen to their stories about that war for hours. I have been told tales of heroism in Dunkirk. The battle for North Africa and of the horror that unfolded on the Normandy beaches as D-Day began.

I read about Tohseef Shah today. Tohseef thought it would be a good idea to spray graffiti about Islam over the war memorial in his town.

I imagine (as he has shown no remorse) Tohseef thinks of himself as a bit of a rebel, fighting a Jihad against the Western oppresors. He's not though. Tohseef is a cock.

Our bearded protaganist in this unpleasant tale chose to deface a monument erected to remember the sacrifice of not only the troops who are fighting and dying today, but those who fought in the World Wars. Men and women who died saving the World from great evil.

It pains me to think of what the old veterans in Burton on Trent must have felt deep within, as they looked at Tohseefs piss poor shoddy writing. I suspect our Jihadi fuck-stick carried out his daring raid with all the aplomb of brain washed idiot. It's not difficult to imagine him sniggering as he scrawled his messages of hate.

Tohseef no doubt wishes to envoke rage and anger. He wants us to rant - well I'm not going to. I suspect the brain dead O2 thief will google his name and revel in the despair he will surely stir.

So here's hoping he finds this little blog - because to Tohseef I say this... You're not a soldier mate, you're a a wanker. You're not a hero, you're a throbber.

Feel free to spray your anti-Brit bollocks all over creation matey - Greater men than you gave their lives so you can do that without being shot.

Muslim Jihadi my arse. You're a fucking bellend son.

P.S. Your beard looks shit.

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  1. It was ingrained in me by my father about the sacrifices soldiers made in WW1,WW2 and conflicts since then.

    Seeing what this person did makes me angry, it feels like someone has vandalised a family members gravestone. It feels that personal.