Wednesday, 14 April 2010

I Want My MTV

I blogged about Tilern DeBique just the other day.

Miss DeBique is the former soldier who refused to carry out her duties as she'd failed to get her child looked after. I wrote the following.

Miss DeBique is now seeking a six figure sum. A compensation claim. Thanks to the Tribunals verdict I expect she'll get it.

That six figure sum she wants turns out to be £1.1million.

That's not a compensation payout - it's a Lottery win. Miss DeBique did not have her legs shattered by a landmine. She was not hit in the head by a snipers bullet. She was not blinded by an RPG.

She was given a bollocking for failing to carry out her duties.

It remains to be seen as to whether or not Miss DeBique will receive the amount she is asking for. I hope common sense reigns and she is told to bugger off.

I fear this wont be the case though. Too many adverts litter Daytime TV offering 'free money' to the sick, lame and lazy. Too many shirkers now see an opportunity for a payout around every corner. Much like Dire Straights they want their 'Money for nothing and their cheques for free'

Miss DeBique is no doubt sat at home today with her fingers crossed awaiting her Lottery win thinking 'It could be me'

Meanwhile in the Helmand Province her former comrades sit in their holes at night praying 'Please God don't let it be me'

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  1. An she will make a packet, she is black a woman and a single mum. All PC tick box stuff, sod the troops getting their payments cut by that shit Ainsworth.

    She should hang her head in shame but she wont, she will be BBC claiming its all her "right."