Thursday, 22 April 2010

Comfort To The Enemy

I've been reading about former Royal Marine Sergeant Mark Leader

Sgt Leader clumped a Taliban suspect his patrol had caught planting an IED. For this moment of madness Sgt Leader has been slung out of the Marines and his life is in ruins. His career is over.

Sgt Leader used a Wellington boot to smack the PW in the chops. He split his lip and loosened a couple of teeth. He didn't shred his lower body. He didn't rip off the mans arms. He didn't blind him or deafen him. He didn't kill him either.

That however is what the Afghan PW was intending for Sgt Leader and his mates.

Don't get me wrong here. Sgt Leader should not have assaulted the Taliban suspect. Enemy PW's should be treated with fairness. However, a momentary lapse of reason should not cost a man his career. It should perhaps have cost him one of his stripes. That would be a hard punishment for a Marine like Mark to swallow.

The Court Martial that ended his career did so from behind desks whilst sat in comfortable chairs. Their decision has destroyed a Marine and given comfort to the enemy.

It is not difficult to imagine the Taliban laughing as they discuss how weak and pathetic their enemies Leaders are. We are losing this war not on the field of battle, but in the corridors of power back home.


  1. Pinko

    IED, aka cuntbomb, one of those bastard things that needlessly blows legs and stuff off?

    If a soldier (chap fighting the enemy) catches a raghead (the enemy) plating an IED (cuntbomb), then whacking him with a welly is not only justified, but nowhere near enough.

    Fairness my hairy arse.

    Just my humble opinion, obviously.

  2. Be fair you dinosaur, the poor chap should have been treated with the respect that this progressive society demands. maybe given, clothes and food or even a paid job delivering pearls of wisdom on how the world can be improved.

    Alternatively he should have been strapped to the IED he so lovingly planted until it blossomed into it's full colourful splendour.

    The world is fucked.

  3. 'The world is fucked'

    Wise words anon. Trouble is - we are attempting to wage War in an age of PC-Ness.. The two don't mix as Sgt Leader has found to his cost.

    Best way forward?

    Bring them all home now (then shoot the Politicans who started it)