Monday, 19 April 2010

The Last Blog

Well for now anyways...

I've just watched a Video that has hurt. A lot. Paul Hardcastle's 19...

I first heard that song when I was 14. I went to war at 19. It's just a tune right? Well it should be. But this tune has been updated.

It now speaks about our kids - Not American kids from the past.

I'm fed up with this election. I'm fed up with the liars who covet my vote. I'm fed up with debates. I'm fed up with polls. I'm fed up with the way things are.

I'm fed up with seeing kids come home in boxes covered with a flag.

None of the Politicians who want my all important kiss want to discuss this fucked up war. Well I do. I want to know what our children are dying for. I want to know what the end game is. I want to know if there's a plan.

This war isn't Vietnam.

I used to be a soldier. I'm many things - but I'm not a hippy. I don't hug trees. I don't burn our flag. I don't spit on our Veterans. But I want to know what our troops are dying for.

A future fair for all. Vote for change. These are just words.

There are no people willing to lead this Nation with the courage worthy of the blood spilled in their name. None of them are going to get my vote. For the first time in my life I am not scoring that box.

What they have is my contempt. My frustration. My despair. My anger. My rage.

I wont blog again until at least after the election. If at all. But I wont stop being angry. I wont stop hurting. That frightens me...

+++++++++++++++ UPDATE +++++++++++++++

I had a bit of a rough night - That video had an impact.

I think if I'm honest, it left me a little shell-shocked. I'm not going to run and hide.


  1. Stop, if you really want to, that's your choice because it's your blog.

    But, if you do stop who's going to hear what you want to say? Who else is going to speak for people like you?

    Maybe the long drawn out lead up to announcing the election was deliberate, maybe you're meant to be fed up with the debates, maybe you're meant to be cheesed off with this election, you might even be meant to not want to vote - and if you don't vote, and if other people like you don't vote, who will win, and who will form the next government?

    There are still three weeks before polling day, and a lot can change in three weeks.

    Be angry, be cross too - but be cross on a piece of paper too, where it might count.

    Why not find somebody who might not get their postal vote back to UK in time, somebody you know and who lives in your area? You could pair with them, somehow, and give them a voice that could otherwise be denied.

  2. We're at the start of a very long game, CSR. I hope you don't pack up. But I fully understand your sentiments in wanting to give blogging - and indeed the news in general - a wide berth for the time being. There are only so many film clips of youngsters being repatriated via Wootton Basset one can stand watching before distancing oneself from it all or going completely insane. And this is coming from a non-Forces blogger.

    But you do have a very specific message. It's one that needs to be heard, thought about, and digested. All the more so when a troop comes home in bits and in a box. The news isn't enough. People need real thoughts and emotions from real folks who have seen similar to it and realise how obscene it really is.

    Hope you're back soon, mate.

  3. Thanks for the comments. I've had a bit of a think.

    Bollocks to running away - it's not in my nature.

  4. You can run. But don't hide.

    Keep bloggin', you're on my front page.

    And don't tone it down either. Give us the blood and gore. It matters.

    Brown is going down in the fourth.

  5. There was a film many years back starring Peter Sellers and Richard Todd. It was called 'Never Let Go'.

    Never give in, Ever.

  6. We're all angry. Perhaps that's what keeps some people going. My dad fought wars for Britain when he was in the army. I was born into the army and didn't even see the UK until I was 10.

    If we all stick together and persevere no matter what, we'll make through.

  7. Coldsteelrain,

    Voices such as yours need to be heard. People need to hear that anger that you feel, and articulate so well, and in no small way every voice that speaks out makes a difference.

    Please don't give up, don't let 'them' ever know they are winning, because I feel in my bones that its going to get a lot worse before it gets any better, and for now at least words are all we have.

  8. Again - Thanks for the words of encouragement people.

    It means a hell of a lot to me, much appreciated. CSR