Monday, 12 April 2010

Working Class Heroes

NuLabour are a curious bunch to be sure. Gordon launched his Manifesto today (you know - that list of promises they aim to break once elected)

Introducing the Optically-Challenged One was a certain Ellie Gellard AKA @BevaniteEllie AKA Comical Elle . A NuLabour sycophantic twitter junkie who tweets devotion to her 'Working Class' party at every waking moment of her day.

I'm working class.

I have been since I was spawned into a Council Estate 39 years ago. I've never stated I'm proud to be working class, I think those sort of declarations of pride are a bit daft. It would be a bit like being proud of having green eyes. Or having Sky Plus.

In many ways I fit nicely into the working class/sink estate scum bracket quite nicely. I own a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I drink in a Pub where debates about football often lead to split-lips and black eyes and I have tattoos. Lots and lots of tattoos.

My forearms sport a dragon and the ubiquitous black panther. I also have a Union Jack tattoo on my bicep and 'Made In England' around my belly button. I was once accused by a group of very drunk Students of being a racist because of my ink. They hurled abuse at me even as I walked calmly away from them.

'Chav Scum!' They cried 'Fucking Nazi Prick!'

It would be sickeningly cliched if I were to say 'Some of my best friends are black' right now. So I wont. What I will say is this. Stood in the queue with me at the tattooists also awaiting his 'Made In England' tattoo was a black lad we called Midnight (this was long ago - in the days before elfin safety and PCness)

Much like most of the other lads I got inked with that day, I've lost touch with him. Which is a shame because I stood next to Midnight on one of the most frightening days of my life and I fought not for my Queen or my Country but for him and he fought for me. It's what mates do at the front.

Midnight was also working class. We didn't quaff champagne. We weren't educated at the best schools. We didn't get invited to plush Manifesto launches.

Comical Ellie sums up nicely everything that is wrong with NuLab. She couldn't be further from the Working Classes if she tried. Her dribbling adoration of what was once a Party for the working class is nauesating.

Chav Scum - Maybe...

Fucking Nazi Prick - No...

Working Class - All my damn life...

Labour Voter - Not a fucking chance...

Labour have a unique legacy - Since being in office they have fucked up every war they've entered into. Nice to know the 'Class War' they so badly wanted just went the same way with their disasterous decision to wheel out Comical Ellie. Roll on May 6th. It really cant come soon enough.


  1. Well said CSR.

  2. I can only echo the above comment. Stirling stuff CSR.

  3. I can echo that too, soldier.

    I am fucking PROUD to have the armed forces made up of cunts like you. And not like the idiot who thinks that the state owes her free childcare, FFS.

    I was going to write something else, but it's a bit long so I'll blog it.