Friday, 9 April 2010


I don't like people who drop litter. It's bad personal admin. It doesn't take a lot to pick up your gash and pop it into your pocket. However....

What I really despise is this nasty little story.

Step forward Albert Berer and his band of merry Stasi. Albert and his chums in the Waffen SS St Peters Neighbourhood Monitoring Group have decided to film folk dropping litter before uploading the results onto YouTube.

Albert Berer said "some culprits had already come forward. Some of (the people shown) have been quite shocked with our approach, they can't believe that we've taken their image and we've put them on-line.

"But once they've given us all their contact information we will take that information and pass it to Leicester City Council."

At first glance this seems like the harmless actions of curtain twitching busy-bodies attempting to clean up the streets. If Albert and his pals had said to the offenders 'We're going to put this on YouTube with the Benny Hill Theme tune' I'd have no problem with this story. But no, Albert informed the State. This is the thin edge of a very nasty wedge. The same wedge that last century sent 6 Million people to the Gas Chambers...

We Can See You

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