Saturday, 1 May 2010

Remember The Fallen

Every November I stand silently in thought. It is always cold and often raining. My arms are locked into my sides, my chest is pushed out and I am ramrod straight.

As the Bugler sounds last post it takes every last ounce of my self-discipline not to cry. I don't cry because remembrance day is a Military occasion. It dictates a formality of dignified mourning.

There have been so many Military funerals these last few years. All too often we see coffins draped in the Union flag. The dead soldiers comrades carry their fallen friends with a professionalism I am so very proud of. For I know that inside, these young soldiers hearts are breaking.

The incumbent Government has asked so much of our fighting men and women these last 13 years - and all the while they have starved them of the equipment and funds they need to carry out this most difficult of tasks.

It is with thoughts of the economy we will vote, as well as immigration and health care. But if you will, please remember those fallen soldiers. At this very moment British troops are fighting and they are dying - let them know that although the Labour Party cares little about them, to us the Covenant means everything.

Next Thursday we have an opportunity to place a cross in a box. I would ask you not to put yours against the Party that has put so many crosses above so many boxes.


  1. If there is one thing that should make people think about voting a government back in it is how that government/party has treated our military, and this one has treated them so very badly.

    Labour have broken the Military Covenant and they should be punished. If not legally then by not voting Labour and sending them back to the stone age.

    I hope it is ok if I copy this blog.

    Cheers CSR

  2. Post says it all. There are no words to add.

  3. I can't add anything to this other than to remind people of the attitude that the Labour Party seem to have to us as soldiers - past and present - which seems to be able to be described in one word ... contempt.