Thursday, 22 April 2010

I Have Caught The Cleggy

Oh dear - I seem to have picked up a dose of the Cleggy. It's like the Lergy but worse - much worse...

It turns your thoughts slightly LibDemmy wishy washy you see.

I blogged about Sgt Mark Leader earlier this morning. He's the Royal Marine who thumped a Taliban round the cannister with a rubber boot. Not just any old Taliban mind... This was one he'd caught planting an IED.

Sgt Leader has had 3 of his mates killed by IED's. So I've had a rethink on my earlier blog.

Mark Leader should have dragged the Taliban chap somewhere out of sight. He should then have shot him. Lots of times.

We'd then have one less Taliban to kill and one more Marine Sergeant to kill the others.

War is completely shit. I know - I've been to one. You win wars by killing so many of the enemy they get fucked off with dying and they give in. I sometimes forget that. Sgt Leader was doing a shitty job in a shitty war. What he doesn't need is the shitty treatment he just recieved...

Give the man his job back. Fuck knows if we're going to win this nightmare we need men like Sgt Leader at the front...


  1. Now that's better. I knew you'd come to your senses.

    Obviously you meant skin his dick and rub it in salt, THEN shoot him, knees and elbows first.

    You're forgiven.

  2. Pretty much what UM said, but using Ralgex instead of salt

  3. Ralgex, that's the stuff that gets a bit warm isn't it? Not to be confused with Savlon cream.

  4. I used to rub Deep Heat into my Dads pants when he clumped me as a nipper...