Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Tinker Tailor Single Mother Sailor

The Army is a curious organisation to those of us outside of it. In our iPhone driven, Starbucks slurping modern lives the Armies methods seem a bit antiquated and quirky.

I mean come on. Who gives a toss if you're late for work. Fire off a text or a tweet. Email the boss, leave a voicemail what's the big deal?

Who needs screamy shouty bosses these days? Let's chill in a breakout room. Flexi time is happy time right? There's nothing that can't be solved over a SkinnyFrappeLatte is there?

These modern values clash with the Army and it's stuffy - You will be on time. You will be well dressed. You will be part of our unflexible machine attitude.

However. The Army has this attitude for a reason. Self Discipline.

We've all dragged our heavy suitcases into our homes after a long journey. We are tired and grumpy. We throw our luggage to the floor and collapse into a heap wanting nothing more than a cuppa and a kip.

The soldiers in Afghanistan do not have this luxury. Their kit weighs in excess of 80lb. When they end their patrols they do not drop their kit, brew-up and snooze (although this is what they desperately want to do) they maintain their weapons. They carry out sentry duties. They take care of their feet.

Despite complete exhaustion British troops prepare for war. They are able to do this because self discipline has been hammered into them from day one of recruit training.

A tribunal has ruled single mother and soldier, Tilern DeBique, was within her rights to miss training when she could not find anyone to look after her daughter.

Miss DeBique is now seeking a six figure sum. A compensation claim. Thanks to the Tribunals verdict I expect she'll get it.

Meanwhile - The soldiers in The Helmand will continue to patrol. They will not be late. Their weapons will be clean. Their Harbour areas will be secure. Because they are soldiers.

Miss DeBique's selfish attitude and lack of self discipline would get people killed. The Army is well shot of her...


  1. Spot on, the woman should be tried as a deserter.

  2. How this wasn't thrown out is beyond belief. Fortunately our troops in the Afghan are well supplied - so the six figure payout wont cause any problems...

  3. To be honest mate, I don't think women have any place whatsoever in frontline forces.

    My reasons are this:
    1. They are not physically as strong as men. That's not sexist, that's nature.
    2. Men will instinctively try to protect women, and IMO this could lead to a situation where soldiers would put themselves in ridiculous danger to protect the women troops. Again, that's not sexist, that's natural instinct.
    3. Prisoners of War. If a woman is captured, she is going to be gang raped or worse. All the Geneva conventions in the world will not stop this.

    That's my two pence worth, and I await a flaming :-)

  4. You won't get flamed by me mate!

    We first had Girly's sent to our Unit in 92. One complained 'Why don't I get paid the same as the men'

    I happened to be next to her when she said it. My OC got us both to draw weapons, put on webbing and start running until he (sat in his Land Rover behind us) said stop.

    Doris lasted 1 Mile I did the full 8.

  5. "Doris" ho ho.

    "The Army is well shot of her" - I would have used "shot" in a different context.

  6. "man with many chins" No place for women? are you speaking from experience??
    she doesn't represent our women out on the front line at-all ,i was out there on Herrick 9 and for female medics, women searches and dog handlers they do a f***in good job you cant tar everyone with the same brush... Tilern Debique is just an some split ass idiot who, like a lot of people in this countries armed forces is after a fist full of dollars because of the governments scamming us of every penny in the first place... she just hasn't thought about the consequences... but hey good luck to her the army fooked anyway!

  7. "Anonymous said...
    "man with many chins" No place for women? are you speaking from experience??"

    Nope, that is my opinion as an interested observer, who has not served, however, both my dad and grandfather were in the army.

    As you should be aware, we are all entitled to our opinions, and that I am afraid is mine.

    I do not think women should serve on the frontline, end of story.

  8. fair one i do agree with you " everyone should have an opinion weather it is a good one or not! but im not trying to impose my believes on you my granddad also served in WW2 and my mum & dad met whilst serving in the falklands maybe you should do more research on how women helped win them wars aswell (just my opinion) ... anyway this debate isn't about women serving the for HMS... it about how a poor Caribbean woman has been able to infiltrate our system and claim over a million pounds of tax payers money for being a "what we call" a lazy war-dodger... its "jealousy" and i wish i had claimed for even half of that for the shit i put up with in afghan!