Monday, 19 April 2010

Our Dunkirk Moment

My last blog was about the struggle I had overcoming Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I spoke highly of Combat Stress and how they helped save my life.

Combat Stress provided me with an opportunity for some respite care. I often spent two weeks at Tyrwhitt House - a Country Mansion donated to the Charity where troubled minds could get some rest.

Whilst there I met many characters. I have very fond memories of sitting in the gardens listening to World War Two veterans and their stories.

Many of them had been on the beaches of Dunkirk. They spoke of how they were pursued across France by the 3rd Reich. Ending up on a beach where thousands of Tommy's waited for the boats to take them home, so that they could carry on fighting.

One old boy told me. "You've no idea how desperate the situation was Son. The Nazis were strafing the beaches day and night. Our entire Army was on the run"

He spoke with so much pride as he recalled his mates and their futile efforts at stemming the relentless tide of Stuka's "You'd hear the scream as they began to dive" He said. "And as a single shot rang out from somewhere on the beach we'd shout Fuck You Adolf!"

Dunkirk was a desperate moment in the history of our Nation. Those few days determined our survival and that of the free world. It is therefore so very sad to see NuLabours drones spinning the phrase 'Dunkirk Spirit'

Without a hint of irony NuLabs sycophantic, privately educated Champagne Socialist @BeveniteEllie tweeted the following
Indy front page made me smile. #dunkirkspirit #brilliantBritain #voteLabour"
The misery and despair felt on the beaches of Dunkirk are right now felt by many people across the land at the prospect of five more years of NuLabour. Much like then - that which we believe in as a Country is under threat.

We stand as a Nation in peril once more. Those very freedoms and our way of life those Tommy's on the Dunkirk beaches fought so hard to save have been eroded by 13 years of NuLabour. Apathy and disillusion threaten to give us another term for Brown.

If this is another Dunkirk moment then like those Toms back in the day we must fight and like them we must win. We cannot afford five more years of NuLabour...


  1. Beat you, ner ner ner ...

    We agree though.

  2. That little stupid bint doesn't have the right to use the phrase Dunkirk Spirit IMO.

    She wouldn't know what it was if it shat all over her prissy little stupid fucking face.

  3. They really haven't a clue have they? They've no idea what bravery is, no idea what courage is, all they want is emotive headlines and a positive 'hit' for dear Gordon because they like him so much.