Wednesday, 7 April 2010

I Don't Like Shepherds Pie

I've just had to turn off Question Time on the Beeb.. I don't like it when someone tries to piss down my neck and then tries to tell me it's raining.

They were discussing the Christians who told a couple of Poofs to fuck off.

I mean let's have it right - Tony Blair waltzed into Downing Street telling us 'Things can only get better'

Well here we are. A Country (my Country) is on its fucking knees. It has been bled dry by the most inept, incompetent Government since forever. What are NuLabours Cabinet and their (bbc-rent-a-crowd) lackeys grabbing hold of to get their teeth into, on a once great show that used to (back in the day) dissect Political argument... I'll tell you.

A couple of Poofs are upset about being told to fuck off by someone who doesn't like what they do.

I don't like Shepherd's Pie. It's an odd thing to dislike I know. Some of my friends love it, some of them tolerate it and others enjoy it. But me? I fucking hate it and between you and me - I've not had to eat a mouthful of it since I tipped my arse out of my old mans house when I was 16 and joined the Army.

From what I saw in the BBC tonight, there are some folk trying to get elected who have a dream. That dream not only involves me eating Shepherds Pie it involves me saying 'Mmmmmm I like this'

To them I say this this. Get fucked. I don't like Shepherds Pie. I never have. If you insist on trying to force feed me it... I'll pick up a rifle and fucking shoot you... That is all.


  1. Leg Iron is worth a read tonight. I've not seen him so angry.

    Although if I'm in the right frame of mind, I bloody love a Shepherds Pie (right frame of mind = pissed) ;-)

  2. Gave up on Question Time ages ago, it's to sickening to watch all the toadying.

  3. Errm, that'll be 'too sickening'.

    And what's wrong with Shepherd's Pie?

  4. I'm a lover of Shepards, their pies and their younger brothers...

    But I switched off the very same program during the exact same debate tonight. Of all the things to discuss, all those problems that face the country, all the recent crookedness from Parliament... and these fools are playing "He said, She Said" on national TV!!!

    I seriously doubt ANY of them really want to get re-elected. Its a sham election campaign to see which party can piss off the most voters? It is isn't it?

  5. Shepherds pie is the work of the Devil.

  6. Why do some people say "Poofs" and some "Pooves"?

    I sometimes wish that the homosexual community had picked a better word than "gay". I'm sure a new one could have been invented. I used to like the word "gay", as used to describe colourful, bright, etc.

    And why "pink", as well?

    ANyway, I love shepherd's pie. Must be made properly though, from leftover roast lamb and gravy, not this namby-pamby stuff.

    Better than brocolli.

  7. Amen, but fuck the rifle, I vote we take off and nuke them from orbit:-)