Thursday, 15 April 2010

DK And The Brillo Pad

Lot's of blogging going on about DK and the Brillo - Here's my shiny tuppence worth...

I think it's mostly about DK's job and him wanting to keep it as to why his blog has been decimated. DK was a Political Virgin sacrificed upon the Altar of smugness. His honesty was refreshing but ultimately naieve.

As the man says in Bladerunner 'If you ain't cop - you're little people' Right now, us bloggers... We are those little people. But times they are a changing.

DK stuck his head over the parapet and got shot at (all be it by a syrup wearing throbber) He's chosen to stick it back down. Fair play to him, he tried)

However... That wasn't the end of the war. It was just the opening salvos.

The Bloggers lost that one and a fine, if somewhat colourful Blog, has fallen in the fight.

Brillo doesn't like the Bloggers. We don't conform. We don't fit into his picture of what the Meeja should be. I expect he is patting his well fed bought off belly as he smugly admires DK's scalp.

But he underestimates us at his peril. Pyjama wearing determined people destroyed the most powerful Army the world has ever known in Vietnam.

I'm sure they are chortling away in the Mainstream Meeja - let them.

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