Thursday, 8 April 2010

Target Practice

Oh dear... It seems the Armys efforts to try and keep its troops alive have pissed off some Muslims.

Bearded ranting twat Chief executive of the Bradford Council for Mosques, Mohammed Saleem Khan said.

''We are trying to achieve unity and cohesion and encourage British Muslims to participate in the Army and we accommodate visits from the Army.

Oh purlease Mohammed - trying to achieve unity and cohesion my arse. You're whining and ranting over fuck all mate. Much like your cohorts did during the 'Cartoon Riots'

British soldiers are fucking dying in a shitty Muslim country day after day you twat. The MOD has put up some generic buildings to assist in training the troops who are deploying there. So that some might make it out of that shit hole alive.

It's tossers like you Mohammed who stir up anger and hatred over nothing. Now fuck off and when you get there - fuck off again you sanctimonious twat.

My Kind Of Target

1 comment:

  1. He's only trying to achieve unity and cohesion.

    He could do that easily, just by taking the following advice:

    "Fuck off."