Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Hitler - The MP - The Teddy And The Pram

Just had a little moment here! You may recall I punted a Downfall Video supporting Old Holborns election bid.

It would appear John Howell, a Tory candidate for Henley-on-Thames has also been Hitler'd Rather than chuckling at himself  though John has bought a First Class ticket for the outrage bus and called in the Polizei.

Fortunately my little pop at MP's and such like appears to have gone un-noticed. I'm quite pleased about that. Smoking endless Cigars to irritate PC Plod when he visits me is becoming expensive!

IMHO Mr Howell would do well to Man-Up a little bit. If he can't hack a piss take I'm not entirely sure he's fit to be elected.

Dry your eyes Princess - It's a YouTube vid. You ain't getting shot at... /facepalm

For You Blogger Ze Var Is Over

+++ UPDATE +++

Someone has no sense of Humour... My vids been pulled. The throbbers.

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