Thursday, 15 April 2010

Cometh The Hour - Cometh The Ban

The Ban Hammer has fallen once more. 4-methylmethcathinone AKA Mephedrone or simply Meow Meow is, as of today, a controlled substance. It is no longer plant food - It's a Class B Drug.

The Meeja had a field day with this particular clubbers drug of choice. Headlines screamed at us drug teen ripped his scrotum off as well as Meow meow sank its claws into my mind With hysteric glee the Meeja told us how Mephedrone would claim all of our first born sons and destroy the foundations of civilisation.

So the Government banned it.

What that has achieved is this. Meow meow will now cost the average clubber slightly more to buy. They wont be able to buy it online anymore from a business that was scrutinised by elfin safety laws. They'll have to buy it off Drug Dealers and buy it they will.

The Dealers will want profit. They'll cut the drug with other substances to make their supply go further. So the eager clubbers will no longer have any certainty of what's in their little bag of powder. The Dealers will also offer other drugs to their new clients. It's good business sense.

Anyone caught with the drug now faces prosecution. An on-the-spot-fine to help top up the Countries depleted Piggy Bank. Or perhaps arrest leading to a Criminal Record and DNA records being held.

I take drugs - my drugs of choice are Nicotine and Alchohol. The Ban Hammer has already had a good go at one of them and is readying itself for the other.

Banning is not the answer. Guns were banned - our Cities resemble warzones. Cigarettes were banned from pubs - Pubs are struggling to survive. All the Government have achieved today is to criminalise a part of society and put more money into organised crime. Well done on that.

Oh and I suppose I should mention the Leaders Debate... A big bowl of Cunt Soup IMHO...


  1. "What's 'meow meow' actually like? Dr Max Pemberton found out for himself."

    Of course, there's history to this - the PJ O'Rouke 'ecstasy' trial.

    But if we are going to be armed, can I have an Accuracy International AW .338, please, not my SA-80 (although the Sig P220 they gave me last time in Basrah was fine for shorter range stuff.)

  2. Give me an Old School SLR SE

    Targets will fall when hit...