Friday, 9 April 2010

Poets Day

You know - Piss Off Early Tomorrows Saturday. Works for me. Anyways... I just found this poem I wrote a long time ago.

Poetry for Poets Day by CSR.

The Enemy

There's something that I want to say,
About what happened on that day.

When I left you alone back there,
Please don't think I did not care.

It's just that I was scared of you,
I wasn't sure what I should do.

And if I could get back to that place,
I'd close your eyes and kiss your face.

Then dig your grave and say goodbye,
To the boy who I saw die.


  1. Fuck. Marvo officially speechless, with a tear.

  2. Not quite Wilfrid Owen... But it's from the heart.

  3. Wonderful. And tragic.

    The heart tends to say what it wants. We all need to learn to listen more closely to it.


  4. "No Cunts On Me Drugstable
    from Cold Steel Rain by Cold Steel Rain
    What an interesting weekend CSR has had to be sure. My normal routine of laying in my bed on Saturday morning attempting to recollect the evening before whilst simultaneously swearing to 'never again' move onto the Tequilas was shattered by a visit from PC Plod.

    Stood at the door were at what first glance appeared to be 2 Tie-Fighter pilots. Clad in combat boots, body armour and more radios than was really necessary were in fact 2 officers of the law."

    Has that post been pulled buddy? Saw it in my google reader and went to open it...does not exist.

  5. Posted it too early Man!!! It's up now - under a less rude title!

  6. lol @ too early, I thought perhaps google had censored you!