Saturday, 6 February 2010

Who gets my kiss?

Christmas has been and gone - it whizzed by and here we are ploughing through February. This has got me thinking. The General Election isn't very far away at all. But who do I put my little cross against?

NuLabour? I think not - The Old Communists have caused more damage to this Land I call home than I can scarce believe. I'm taxed to the hilt and so perplexed by the 4000 plus new laws my head is spinning.

The Tories? Nope can't do it I'm afraid. It was the broken cast-iron Lisbon guarantee that lost them my vote. That and their total lack of any Conservatism.

LibDem? Urm right. NEXT!

The sense of despair I feel right now is absolute. Westminster is a hotbed of corruption, sleaze and contempt for the nation. I am tired of my life being invaded by NuLabour and the EU.

I am bored of Camerons lack of balls and inability to knock down an opponent who is so shit he could burn a boiled egg.

So who get's that kiss of mine? Answers on a Postcard please.


  1. Ask, and ye shall receive:

    Worth kissing?


  2. Thank you for that Captain - Worth kissing indeed

  3. You could put your kiss next to the nice picture of a cock and a pair of bollocks which you have conveniently drawn on your ballot paper.

    Or go with the constitutional reform bill. I would.

    Be aware that at the time of ranting there are two like-named bills going through Parliarment:

    Constitutional Reform Bill (Lord Willoughby de Broke, UKIP, Top Man), and

    Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill (Jack Straw, NuLab, Untrustworthy Bastard)

    The first is a Good Thing.

    The second is a Bad Thing.