Thursday, 18 February 2010

For Fox Sake

Our economy is so trashed and in tatters, we have resorted to printing money like a Banana Republic.

Our Troops are bogged down in a counter-insurgency disaster in the Middle East with no end in sight and mounting casualties.

We are now governed by faceless unelected bureaucrats from the EU who's agenda is the wholesale destruction of sovereignty across Europe.

The NHS is a bloated red tape driven joke not fit for purpose and our children leave School unable to read or write.

So Labours priorities are.... .... Saving Basil Fucking Brush.

Trust me on this NuLabour, what I really don't give a monkeys arse about right now is cute and fluffy vermin and let's have it right you self righteous smug twats. If you gain power for another 5 years a lot of people will resort to hunting Foxes to fucking survive. Wankers...


  1. The biggest mistake Tony Benn ever made was giving his son a girl's name. Shame, I have a lot of respect for Tony, except for his badly-informed stance on nuclear energy.

    Two things:

    1. I am now going to have fox for dinner. I shall probably slow cook it with some tinned tomatoes and a great deal of coriander, and perhaps have it with a jacket potato. I may add some swan, too.

    2. CSR - do I detect a tone in your blogging today indicating that you, too, might have had enough of this shit?

  2. I have indeed had enough Sir - but what to do? I think your idea of Fox for tea is a splendid idea.