Tuesday, 23 February 2010

All Aboard The Gravy Train

Anti smoking facist Health conscious Linda Buchanan had a bit of a ding dong  with some chap who was puffing away at a train station.

I don't feel too much sympathy for Linda as it goes - I am of the opinion she quite possibly deserved a poke in the eye. If you wag your finger at people and state 'I don't like the smell of Cancer' as they smoke a legal substance, don't be too surprised if they smack you in the chops. It's much easier to move away and live and let live.

I can imagine being in a broken down lift with Ms Buchanan would result in biting your face off in despair at the tut-tutting and teeth sucking that I expect makes up most of her day - I shouldn't make rush judgements I know, but she does come across as a bit of a twat. However what really raised my eyebrows on this was the claim that she now suffers PTSD.

Ms Linda Buchanan is one of these people who really boil my piss. She fell off a fucking platform for fucks sake. Yes it probably hurt, but so does stubbing your toe. You get up, dust yourself down and carry on. I have met many sufferers of PTSD. All of them former Soldiers whose lives have been shattered by the obscenity and madness that is War.

I've also met  a lot of healthcare folk who think they are swinging the lead and should crack on. It's because of whiny throbbers like Linda Buchanan that PTSD is labelled by many as a malingerers disease. I expect Linda Buchanan is too 'stressed' to ever work again and she'll no doubt sue for 'compo' which being as she's on target with the Government anti-cigs message she'll no doubt get plenty of.

What people like her do in their 'fuck me I've just had a little accident - it's the same as winning the lottery' moments, is make it more difficult for the kids fighting in Afghanistan to find help when they fall apart after their tour is over.

She hasn't got PTSD anymore than I have leprosy. She's just seeing it as a ticket to the compo gravy train and as a result of that our Troops lives just got a little bit harder. Well done Linda you fucking idiot.


  1. Oh, do fuck off, Linda. PTSD, FFS. WTF?

    There is a cure for her kind of PTSD, it consists of a smack in the gob, and works every time.

    I had to TELL a fucking doctor that I didn't have PTSD after the bombing I was at. The world is mad.

    Good God. I despair.

  2. I fucking love your gratuitous use of the word "fuck" to add a gritty, no-nonsense, tell-it-as-it-is effervescence to your writing style.

    Oooh. I just did a little blow-off inside my knickers! Excuse me.

  3. Thanks Maggie - I appreciate your kind comments