Monday, 22 February 2010

Someone Needs To Grow A Pair

Gordon Brown is a violent tempered bully so we are told. Andrew Rawnsley has a book out about it.

NuLabours bullshit machine went into overdrive. Mandelson said it's untrue and Prescott took a break from destroying Pork Pies to stick up for his Leader too. With their well practised rhetoric and smug grins they chuckled away and said 'He's just determined, driven and passionate'

Then something happened. Christine Pratt the founder of the National Bullying Helpline broke ranks and said 'actually we have received calls from Bunker Number 10 about staff being bullied'

We may not have heard the metaphorical pin drop - but by fuck the grenade that went off straight after caught the Medias attention.

The Newspapers squirted out headlines like excited puppies weeing with glee. The Blogosphere erupted and even Cameron had a little squeak.

However... It would appear there are some who think that instead of routing the biggest threat to the United Kingdom since Hitlers World tour we should perhaps shoot the messenger.

Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe, an NBH patron criticised the revelations. "It's like a priest in the confessional", she said. "You don't do it."

Professor Cary Cooper, an academic and work-place stress expert, resigned as a patron this morning saying that "it was wholly inappropriate" for Mrs Pratt to reveal that staff in Downing Street had contacted the service. "It breached confidentiality grossly" he said.

Another charity, Bullying UK, has called on Mrs Pratt to resign arguing that "it's hard to imagine a more serious breach of confidentiality" adding that "it's extremely concerning that we've had e-mails and tweets from people who think this charity is responsible".

Lets get this straight - Wholly inappropriate. Extremely concerning. E-mails and 'OMG Tell me it can't be true' tweets.

What the fuck is wrong with these people? This Nation is being destroyed by NuLabour. This isn't a case of Timmy telling on Jody because she showed him her knickers in Biology class. It's about saving a Nation from complete and utter destruction. Christine Pratt just poked her head above the parapet. Thank fuck there's at least one person left with some mettle.

The opposition should be wading into these bastards right now but they lack the balls. And if there is one thing I do know about the Brits it's that they despise cowardice. So Man the fuck up Cameron & Co and take these fuckers to task. Or spend the rest of your days wondering how you managed to fucking lose against this shower of shit.

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