Monday, 15 February 2010

Going To War With The EU

A bit of a misleading title actually. You see, I am actually going to War with the EU on my side.

What the fuckity fuck is going on you cry - have I joined the dark side? Fear ye not it's all to do with those robbing bastards PC World, a broken Acer Laptop and an EU directive actually. EU directive 1999/44/EC to be precise.

PC Bastards sold me a Laptop 14 months ago. In that time it broke down 3 times and was repaired. The final breakdown occured after the 12 month warranty had expired however.

Despite it having been repaired twice before (with the same problem) PC Bastards are demanding I prove it is their fault, at my expense.

However - I have now discovered a piece of EU nonsense that actually works in my favour. 1999/44/EC States a two year guarantee applies for the sale of all consumer goods everywhere in the EU.

I'm aware that the UK sales of goods acts protects me for up to 6 years, but after 6 months I have to prove the fault.

So this EU thing is not really any better - our current consumer laws protect us further. However, how many of the mongs at PC Bastards know anything about EU law do you think???

Will their Managers collapse under the assault of a very miffed CSR with broken Laptop in one hand and EU paperwork in the other?

We'll find out on Saturday wont we. I intend to learn off by heart some meaningless EU babble to confuse, torment and tease the mongs at PC Bastards. I am going to print of shedloads of EU waffle and have a lot of fun.

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