Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Follicle Fuckwittery

A Tyneside hairdressing salon has been told it cannot advertise for a junior stylist on the grounds of ageism.

Fuckstick Goverment Cretins Jobcentre Plus said in a statement: "Our advisers will help employers get as many applicants for their jobs as possible. [Ed - Thanks to Gordon & Co there's a fuck load of them applicants isn't there]

"Some people may be put off applying if they think a job is only aimed at young people so we'll advise on wording adverts to help businesses get the best person for them."
What they really mean is we'll interfere in order to promote this lefty bollocks so loved by NuLabour. They just don't get it do they. History tells us many things, but a really fucking obvious one it tells is this. If you insist on telling people what to do they will, in time, get the raging hump.

It's a bit like this whole EU bag of monkey spunk. Do these lefty fuckwits really think a continent that has spent the last few hundred years kicking the shit out of itself is suddenly going to embrace unity?

Striking the word 'junior' from an advert may seem to be trivial and indeed laughable. However, it is another slab that is pathing the path to a really fucking unpleasant future. Unless decisive action is taken now NuLabours NuEurope is going to implode and tear itself apart in civil war.

The real agony is no one is going to give a shit until the artillery rounds take out some transmitters and the nation is unable to watch The X-Factor... and by then it will all be too late.

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