Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The State Vs Me

I'm Fifth Generation British Army. My family have been involved in just about every war our Nation has fought in.

My Great Grandfather was a Fusilier in the Trenches in France - My Great Uncle was awarded the Military Medal at Paschendale - losing his life in the process. My Grandfathers fought against the Nazi tyranny on both the land and the sea and my Grandmother crewed an Ack Ack Battery during the Blitz.

Korea, Ulster, The Falklands and Iraq have been walked upon by the boots of my forefathers and myself. At this very minute my Nephew is training for Afghanistan.

We fought for Democracy. The right for men to have a say in their lives - to be freed from oppression and tyranny.

NuLabour now pour scorn upon the duty and sacrifice that my family and so many countless others have given and still give to the Crown. Their unelected Puppet Masters have been spinning a shady back room deal with the Harlot Clegg - a desperate bid to cling to power despite the Nation wishing otherwise.

Mandelson, Campbell and Adonis... Unelected and unaccountable. These are the men who sneer at Democracy and the voices of Britain. Their systematic destruction of the Nation will not be stopped by something as inconvenient as losing an Election (let us be clear on this - Labour lost it)

These men have plans. We are merely insignificant people to be used for whatever purpose suits their need. How they must laugh, as we stand in heartbroken silence as our dead soldiers come home. Perhaps they snigger at the irony of the Union flags draped over the lifeless children who are dying for 'Democracy'

NuLabour would be unwise to assume they can steal Democracy without protest or challenge. There are those of us who believe freedom is worth fighting for...


  1. I've been saying this for last 13 years. NEVER trusted Nu Labour. I'm with you. Rather go down fighting than put up with this.

  2. Whilst I'm a keen supporter of peaceful resistance and protest if the need arises then my mind can, I'm sure, be changed.

  3. Funny innit? I spent 30 years as a copper, some of that time on Protection Duties shielding the great and the good from the great unwashed.

    Now....I wish I'd shot a few. My mind was changed when I saw the Great Harlot (Clegg) whoring himself to all and sundry for a mess of pottage.