Monday, 10 May 2010

BBC Impartiality?

As I'm writing this I'm listening to the 1715 BBC package with Huw Edwards interviewing:

- Andrew Adonis
- Bad Al Campbell

...alongside the ultra Brown-ite Nick Robinson.

Whatever happened to BBC impartiality? Here's my complaint:

The recent interview with Huw Edwards and Nick Robinson of Alistair Campbell and Andrew Adonis was a complete Tory-bashing fest and I fail to see how the BBC can justify its' licence fee income as a consequence of this impartiality.

Elements such as the Tory party policy (e.g., described by Alistair Campbell as "deeply right wing") were accepted as fact rather than being critical of something that is solely subjective.

I believe that Campbells' past as a spinner-in-chief for previous PM Blair makes his commentary on other parties' policies and views moot and he should not be receiving payment from my contribution as licence fee.

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Go to it, fellows.

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  1. I almost wish I paid a licence fee, so I could fill that form in.