Monday, 10 May 2010

A Prediction...

Gordon Brown should have resigned on Friday. His party was obliterated in the Election - But he stayed put. Why?

NuLabour have one desire and one desire only. To remain in Power. Those of us who rightly claim NuLab were soundly defeated are relying upon a misguided hope of fair play if we think NuLabour are finished.

This is the Party that sent hundreds of British troops to their deaths on a lie. They are prepared to kill nor just one or two people in shady circumstance but untold hundreds of thousands - think Iraq.

The current LibCon talks are a smokescreen. We are now learning of secret meetings taking place between the LibDem negotiators and the higher ranks of NuLab. Lord Mandelson... Now there's a man for whom honour is but a trait of the men he sends to war to fight and die.

Cameron should have been allowed to form a minority Government - But this would mean opposition for NuLab, so it was never going to happen. I suspect Clegg is being promised his dream of PR but its cost will be Brown remaining at the helm for 6 months.

NuLab will then give us the boy Milliband as their Leader. Clegg is a fool and the taste of power has him drunk. His foolish wrangling as he attempts to put Party before Nation will cost us all dearly.

I do hope I'm wrong on this...


  1. Your not. Nor am I wrong on the rise of the European Superstate & the riots which will ensue :(

  2. I'm sure the tories supported the Afghanistan war too.

  3. Because like us AF they were lied too...

  4. Evidence that anyone was lied to about Afghanistan?

  5. Pipeline to the Caspian sea AF.

    Its been in the media and blogosphere for about 5 years now.

    Please do a little research


  6. If it's been in the media for five years it's clear that it wasn't lied about surely?

  7. That why it came out after the troops were already there.

    There is the lie !!!!

  8. "I'm sure the tories supported the Afghanistan war too. "
    So? The nasty Tories also sent troops to the Falklands, and won.

    Afghanistan might be a smokescreen because the real troublemakers are already in Britain, their gateway to the west.

  9. Your Straw Man has been dealt with. Care to comment on the blogs actual content AF?

  10. You're not wrong CSR. It's been engineered to fall like this for months, if not years. PR giving a permanent centre-left coalition in the UK is a holy grail for the internationalists. It 'harmonises' us with the EU too and makes extremists out of Conservatives. It's all changing, and I don't like it.

  11. Bad Al Campbell is wanking on BBC at the moment about Brown having won in a way. Wanker.

    Sorry - foaming at the mouth here.