Saturday, 8 May 2010

Carlsberg Don't Do Own Goals

I never really got into UKIP. I know lot's from the right did and I have to be honest - I did flirt with the idea of them. Their canvasser was astute, well motivated and passionate about his cause. But ultimately I thought better of it. I gave my little kiss to Mr Camerons merry bunch.

UKIP fought a lacklustre campaign (no doubt crippled by the biased MSM) and I didn't expect them to make any great gains. Although I did hope Mr Farage (get well soon) would give Bercow a kicking.

It is therefore a most ironic situation we now find ourselves in. iDave failed in his bid to win a majority and we have ourselves a hung parliament. The Tory effort was scuppered by UKIP gaining votes that tipped the balance to Labour in 21 constituencies . Nick Clegg has become the maker and breaker of would be Kings. Despite an awful showing at the ballot box, Clegg holds our future in his hands.

Nick clegg wants Proportional Representation. So does Billy Bragg and so a lot of Labour supporters are realising - do they. Clegg must surely realise this is his last best chance at power. The Tory meetings I suspect are merely a smokescreen while Labour remove Cleggs only hurdle - Brown.

PR is being punted as more democratic. Fairer etc etc... Sure more peoples vote will count. The BNP will get some seats - the Greens a couple more. But Labour - well they'll have a few less than the Conservatives. The same as the LibDems.

PR means coallition. It will be a coallition of the Left. The Conservatives will be finished in all but name - and those dreams of UKIP getting out of Europe and its coming Superstate. Well they'll be drowned out by Billy Bragg and his lefty chums screams of delight at knowing the Left can't be defeated. Ever...

Carlsberg don't do own goals - They couldn't hope to compete with UKIP's

N.B. For those that wish to know - the Squatter Banner comes from the excellent The Talking Clock Blog - Tip of the Titfer to that outstanding effort!


  1. Agreed.

    Be nice to see a hat-tip for my wonderful squatter banner, by the way.

    Glad you like it.

  2. Eegads I thought I'd done one. My bad! Will correct that...

  3. Wouldn't have taken much to get UKIP to withdraw, just a promise of a referendum on in or out of the EU. Wasn't much to ask now was it?

    Own goal was the Tories.

  4. I'm afraid to say that there were so many own goals that it's almost unbelievable.

    Lib Dem - doing what they've always done, telling the unvarnished truth

    Tory - not destroying Labour and making Brown a guest of HMP Pentonville

    BNP - existing

    UKIP - ditto

    Much as I'm very much a floating voter, I am at heart a pale-blue Tory and I fear that UKIP/BNP and to a lesser extent the Lib Dems split the Tory vote.