Saturday, 1 May 2010

Angry doesn't come close...

Adagio for strings is playing - a song synonymous with the Vietnam war and the heartache it caused. A heartache Oliver Stone called 'Platoon'

A phone call is received. The words spoken are so distressing the person hearing them drops what they are holding and in High Definition Slow Motion screams 'NO'

The camera pans to a smouldering, broken and destroyed casualty.

So distraught are those around the burnt and shattered victim - grown men break down in tears - the victim is then covered with a cloth and wheeled away as the pain strikes home to those who cared for the lost...

A scene from Afghanistan?

No. An advert for Warburton bread.

It's been a long time since I have been this angry. I'm not going to write a letter signed angry from England. But I know this - If I live to be 100 I will never again eat their product.

Trying to tap into the emotions so many are feeling right now to attempt to sell a loaf of bread isn't just wrong. It's a disgrace. Angry doesn't come close...


  1. I've just complained to the ASA. First time I've ever felt angry enough to do so.

  2. I cannot believe they didn't realise how much hurt and heartache this advert could cause to people.

    Whoever thought of that, and whoever approved that advert certainly needs educating in what is happening in the real world.

    I do hope that advert is taken off asap.

  3. Have you complained to ASA? Perhaps you should, it's an appallingly insensitive advert.