Sunday, 16 May 2010

Scorched Earth Policy

It seems as is being reported in todays' Sunday Times that there's been knowledge in the No.10 bunker that Gordon Browns days were numbered he decided to take the way out that most created trouble for his successors in government, so called "scorched earth".

Sgt CSR and I saw the effects of this in 1991: the black columns of smoke with occasional flames visible together with a roaring noise as made by the flaming oil wells. One of my most constant memories of being in Kuwait was standing on the al-Mutla ridge (الجهراء, الكويت for our Arabic readership) ‎and hearing a roaring noise from burning oil wells - then looking through binoculars and realising that they were 15 miles away, and yet the noise was carrying. Should Hades exist, this is what it will look like (above).

Brown and parties' view of the election, their jaundiced view of the British public - the state they created, a client-state of the government - that they would blame their successors for the state of the UK economy cannot be criticised enough. Failure by the electorate to blame Brown, Balls, Voldemort et al for this would be a mistake.

During the election campaign, Ken Clarke talked about bringing in the IMF to the UK. I suspect that there's a greater need to do it now than ever. Gideon has suggested that we need to have an emergency budget but I believe he needs to go further - open the books to *public* inspection and we can see, as did the Marcos regime in the Philippines in 1986:

"People power movements have been an Imperial Manila phenomenon. Their playing field is EDSA. They have excluded the provincianos from their movement with their insufferable arrogance and snobbery ... ignoring the existence of the toiling masses and peasants in agrarian Philippines."

When I started ranting on here, I thought that talking about the arrest, prosecution and imprisonment of the last government was mere kite flying. Now? I'm a lot less sure.


  1. They should all be arrested as traitors

  2. Just written a quick post to try and get more peeps to support your parachute jump. Combat stress is a great organisation. Mind you, I'm a sadist and relish the idea of you squealing like a girl when you make that jump.

    of course once you have done it once, you'll be addicted.