Monday, 14 June 2010

Three Square A Day And No Incoming

I failed to pay my Council Tax - A foolish error on my behalf. But an error none the less.

It's £1700... A tear drop in an World Wide Ocean of debt. I've been trying to explain to Suits this morning I intend to pay it. I will pay it - But not all at once. They threatened me with Prison, to reinforce how 'Serious' my situation is.

I've been through 'Serious' I lived there for 6 months. Men with guns walked the Earth. They fired their guns and their shells at me. Thousands of young lives were snuffed out by metal flying through the air at high velocity.

Men were shredded - Limbs blown off. Burned beyond recognition. Paralysed. Killed. Maimed. Mutilated. I know - I was there. I saw it. Christ help me I took part in it.

I don't fear Prison. I'm not a big lad, but you can take the boy out of the Army... Like they told us 'It ain't the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog'

The Council have accepted my offer at clearing my debt. This pleases me as I am tired of fighting. I'm going to go to work now - I've just finished Downloading 'Platoon' I'll watch it tonight. Remind myself of what 'Serious' really is...

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  1. This council tax of which you speak? What is it? Why is it important?

    I'm guessing it's what the councils use in order to make themselves look big and clever, because without it, they're going to be sitting in rooms looking at each other. thinking "fuck, we need to get a job."

    And that's the way I like them.

    I love it when people say "serious". It usually means they've got a problem. They, not me.