Thursday, 17 June 2010

Me and the Boy

Anyone who's read this blog will know I've been to war. I carried a rifle for my Country - I took part in a brutality I struggle to articulate. I watched mates get hurt. A friend of mine paid for the conflict with his life.

The war left me with PTSD. I don't sleep well, have bad dreams dwell on bad things. I signed on the line - I took the shilling, so I don't want sympathy, compensation or chocolate biscuits. What I do want is Parental Responsibility over my Son.

I'm an unmarried Father - Because my boy was born before December 2003 I have the same rights as you do regarding my Son. None. I spilt blood and tears fighting to give others equality and rights. To find I don't enjoy these benefits with regard to my lad angers me. It angers me a lot.

I can get PR - but it will cost. I will have to line a Lawyers pockets and bare my soul to a Judge (who may not like what he sees)

I'm not asking for the world. I just want a say in my Sons life. I stood in the line when my Country asked. Now I'm asking my Country to help me and it won't cost a penny - not even a Shilling...


  1. Good luck with this, though I suspect a good lawyer will help the luck along nicely, unfortunately.

  2. Yes it's already costing QM - But I'll spend all I have if needs be

  3. Hello mate - hope that you get the help you need with this. Have you tried talking to your local MP? They might not be much help but they could make a case for you under 'uman rights legislation (e.g., the right to a family life).

  4. Awaiting his response John - 10 days so far...