Thursday, 3 June 2010

Guns and Monkeys

Some chap lost it yesterday - blasted Twelve folk into oblivion and wounded scores more. I'm fairly sure the Media will have a field day with this. There'll be much wailing and gnashing of teeth. People will ask 'How did this happen?'

It's a simple answer. That bloke was a Human you see. Much as some folk wish to portray us civilised and rational it's all bollocks. Don't believe me? Google Dylan Aaron. He was killed last week and his chums set up a Facebook page to remember him - It's been attacked by Spammers and Trolls who wish to upset them. Folk getting their 'lolz' at a Mans death.

We are intelligent monkeys with guns. The illusion of Civilisation is never more than One week away from collapse. Birdy was a cock, who shot folk at random. Don't for one minute think he's any different from you or I though. We're not a very nice species. Accept that and crack on.

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